• Automatic control & alerting of your grow in real time!
• Leave it to grow with peace of mind;
• Helps you achieve maximum plant growth & yield every time;
• Beginner grower? Let SmartHabitat's online community recipes help you.

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Sensors & Control




Measure temperature for alerts and automatic switching of outputs



Measure humidity for alerts and automatic switching of outputs



Monitor your light conditions to optimise you scheduling



Monitor your CO2 conditions to optimise you scheduling


Soil Moisture

Monitor soil moisture for optimum watering schedules



View time lapse videos, or share your grow recipes with the online SmartHabitat community

Output Relays (8 Outputs available)



Extract fan, Supply fan, Oscillating fan



Simulate Seasons, Day and Night


CO2 Dosing

CO2 Control



Watering time schedules

Switch any of the output relay based on the input: Temp/humidity, Soil Moisture, UV and CO2.

Input sensors controlling outputs

Create your own grow recipe to make your grow unique, or let the SmartHabiat Microclimate controller handle it for you!
Saving you peace of mind and growing like a professional everyday!


  • Online web and app interface for remote monitoring, alerting and control in real time;

  • Schedule by Day of week (hours, minutes and seconds) or by special event Calendar days;

  • View your growth remotely through our connected camera for time lapse videos of your grow, share your grow recipes with the online habitat community;

  • Switch any of the output relays based on the inputs: Temp/humidity, Soil Moisture, UV and CO2.

  • Inputs: Temperature and humidity, Soil moisture, UV, CO2 and Camera;

  • Outputs: 8 x relay outputs to switch Fans, Lights, CO2 dosing and Irrigation.

  • SmartHabitat MicroClimate Controller

    Controller and Sensor Specifications

    Input supply

    SmartHabitat MicroClimate controller:
    Supply: 220 VAC, 5 VDC 500mA WiFi connectivity needed;

    Relay Outputs

  • On-board LED shws output status;
  • Relay contact maximum: 220VAC at 5A or 30VDC at 5A;
  • Dry contact: Pumps, Fans;
  • No. of relays/channels: 8;
  • Solid state relays available on request.
  • Sensor inputs

    1. Temperature and Humidity Sensor:

  • This module can detect humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment;
  • Humidity measurement range: 20%~90% RH;
  • Humidity measurement error: ±5% RH;
  • Temperature measurement range: 0~60 C.

  • 2. UV sensor:
  • Detect UVA, UVB, and UV index with this sensor;
  • Use it to measure levels of harmful UVA and UVB radiation;
  • This UV sensor can calculate UV indices (A, B, average), so that you can easily gauge how strong the sun's rays are at any given time.

  • 3. Soil Moisture:
  • This sensor can be used to detect moisture;
  • Use this sensor to build an automatic watering system;
  • Adjustable sensitivity;
  • Soil Probe Dimension: 6cm x 2cm;
  • Power indicator (red) and digital switching output indicator (green);
  • A fixed bolt hole for easy installation.

  • 4. Air Quality: (to be bought seperately)
  • power indicator LED;
  • Suitable for detecting ammonia (Nh3), nitrogen oxides (NOx)benzene, smoke, CO2 and other harmful or poisonous gases that impact air quality;
  • The unit has a sensor layer made of tin dioxide (SnO2), an inorganic compound which has lower conductivity in clean air than when polluting gases are present;
  • Contains a potentiometer that lets you adjust the sensor for the environment you’ll be using it in.

  • 5. Camera: (to be bought seperately)
  • 5MP.
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